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  1. What is Digitalent?

    This is a 12- month internship programme run by the ICT Authority . It is a strategic intervention by ICT Authority on behalf of the Ministry of Information Communication Technology to develop and sustain high end ICT talent by bridging the gap between industry requirements and the capabilities of the local workforce.

  2. What are the Objectives of the program?

    i. To develop ICT high-end skills in fresh graduates.
    ii. To offer a platform for structured training, coaching and mentoring for fresh graduates
    iii. To promote ICT innovation and solutions development

  3. How is the programme funded?

    It is a Public Private Partnership Programme.

  4. What are the key components of the programme?

    i. Skills development
    ii. On the job coaching and Training internship
    iii. Mentorship
    iv. Training
    v. Certification
    vi. Innovation

  5. Who is eligible?

    Recent graduates ( graduated in the last 2 years ) in ICT or Engineering

  6. Which courses should the students have taken?

    a) BSc in Electrical Engineering degree programs and their equivalents (e.g., Computer, Electronic or Telecommunications Engineering.)
    b) Computer Science or equivalent degree programs (e.g. Computer Science, Applied Computer Science, Mathematics and Computer Science), Information Systems and Information Technology degree programs.

  7. What are the qualifications for joining the programme?

    • Applicants must be fresh graduates from institutions recognised by Commission for University Education (CUE ) as published on www.cue.or.ke
    • In addition, the applicant must possess either a 1st Class Honours or Second Class Upper Division in the courses listed in 6 above.
    • Must be Kenyan

  8. What is the duration of the internship?

    12 months.

  9. When is the next intake?

    The intake for cohort VIII is currently ongoing.

  10. How many internship opportunities are being offered?


  11. Are there additional benefits?

    a) Networking with potential employers
    b) Mentorship
    c) Platform to develop and incubate Innovations
    d) Platform to translate knowledge and skills acquired during university training into the industry job experience
    e) Contribute to government efforts in service delivery to the citizens

  12. Do I expect a job with the ICT Authority after completion?

    No. Not guaranteed

  13. How can I apply?


  14. Can I make my application via the email provided?

    No. All applications are strictly online via the PDTP Recruitment Portal. Any application via the email will not be considered

  15. What if I do not receive my verification email?

    The system sends verification emails to the address provided. To ensure you receive the verification email, kindly ensure you have put a correct and existing email address. Also ensure that you have put the correct spellings. Eg. name@GMAIL.COM or name@YAHOO.CO.UK etc

  16. I do not have my certificate of Good Conduct, can I still apply?

    Yes. You can still apply and upload the receipt of Good conduct.

  17. What happens after the Application stage?

    The successful candidates will be invited for an interview and those who pass the interview will be admitted into the Program.

  18. What do I get after completion?

    i. A certificate of completion
    ii. The top three innovators will be given a 12-month incubation support at ICT Authority to grow their innovation.

  19. Where do Interns expect to be deployed for the internship training?

    i. Government Ministries, Departments, Agencies
    ii. The 47 counties in the country
    iii. Private sector firms for a period of three months.

  20. What is the Period of deployment?

    i. Nine months in public sector
    ii. Three months in Private sector firms